Personalization Machine

Auto Inlay Dispensing Machine

This equipment is used for cutting the dry inlays from the inlay rolls, then dispensing the inlays on the sheets. It is auto running machine, which could help to save labor cost and improve the productivity and the accuracy of the inlay dispensing.    



1. Features

1) Inlay Label Roll Part: applying the reducer motor and gas inflation axis roller to realize the label paper tube fixing on the roller. Applying the soft and light aluminium to touch the transfer paper, and also the abrasion resistant rubber roller. Which could prevent the label paper broken, protect the inlay wholly without damage the chip and prevent the chip position moving during the transfer.     

2) Transfer Unit: Applying the high accuracy guide screw to make the material running stably and accurately. Applying the high accurate color sensors to make the position.

      3) The machine applied the correction device, which could make the material feeding with the right position to be punched and transport.  

4) Punching Unit: the machine could punch the dry inlay to piece by piece from the rolls automatically.    

5) Applying the ultrasonic device to make the welding, it is much better than the silk screen. 

6) Applying the high quality components, which could make the transport, punching and dispensing are very accurate and stable. 

7) Control Unit: applying the PLC and touch screen to control the machine, it is easy to operate and maintain.    

8) The machine will be stopped if any abnormal situation. It has the alarming list to check the problem. After fixing it, the machine will run again.


    2. Specifications

Power Source

AC 220V/50Hz,  5KW

Inlay Width

30 to 110mm

Inlay Layout

3×8, 5×5, 4×8  

Or customized according to the clients request.

Roller Diameter



(1) Single Dispensing Head: 1800 to 2200 PCS/hour

(2) Double Dispensing Head: 2200 to 2800 PCS/hour


1 Person