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Auto Wire Embedding Machine

Auto Wire Embedding Machine

Auto Wire Embedding Machine


Auto Wire Embedding Machine  LDT-ATXZ-2600(图1) 

1.The machine is mainly used for automatic wire embedding process in the Inlay production process. Automatic feeding,correction, wire embedding and collecting material, automatic continuous operation, no need for manual feeding one by one, which not only saves human resources but also improves production efficiency.
2.The main body of wire embedding adopt PC program control, dedicated CAD drawing processing software to program the antenna embedding path.When different layouts and shapes of antennas embedding process is needed,Just use the software to draw the required antenna geometry and convert them to add paths.The whole operation is simple, intuitive and convenient.
3.The equipment adopts XYZ three-axis processing to adapt to complex and diverse wire embedding paths,the wire embedding head adopts Z axis up and down to make it more stable and convenient to adjust.
4.Two sets of vacuum working platen are adopted, without need to stop the machine when the material is in the changeover. Improve the efficiency of wire embedding components.
5.Vacuum aspirating platform is used to absorb material for wire embedding process, effectively ensure the accurate and smooth of the antenna embedding.The vacuum detection function can detect whether there is material on the vacuum plate or whether the material absorb is firm.Vacuum plate size can be customized, layout size according to customer needs flexible selection.
6.The machine has multiple embedding groups,each embedded group can work alone or together, with good flexibility and easy to choose.The equipment has multiple embedding groups,each embedded group can work alone or together, with good flexibility and easy to choose.
7.The main platform of wire embedding is made of marble,operation is stable and high precision.
8.Automatic transfer adopts the pre- positioning mode, that is, the material is first transferred from the feeding box to the correction station, and then transferred to the vacuum plate for wiring processing after automatic positioning at the correction station. Pre-positioning mode is convenient  for compatible with a variety of layout production.
9.The machine automatic feeding and transfer , automatic receiving and transfer running in the same lead rail, compact design, space saving.Independent XY axis design is adopted for feeding and receiving, which facilitates the modification of positioning parameters and makes the placement more flexible.
10.There is a large copper wire frame behind the equipment, which is suitable for both traditional small copper wire coil and large copper wire coil winding of 5KG. The use of large copper wire coil winding can extend the wire replacement cycle and improve efficiency.
11. Use the wire breaking alarm device. Any wire breaking or copper wire running out of equipment will alarm and stop.

Machine Spec:
1.Power Source: AC220V 50/60 Hz.
2.Power: Around 5KW.
3.Compress Air:6 kg/cm2
4.Weight:Around 2000 Kg.
5.Embedding speed: 1400~3000 sheet/hour(related to wire complexity and number of embedding heads)
6.Dimension:L3050*W1500*H1730 mm.(Eight embedding head)
7.Automatic loading and unloading material speed: about 300 sheets/hour 
8.Motor adjustment resolution: 0.01mm
9.Control Method: Servo located + PLC control
10.Positioning mode: Side + cylinder positioning
11.Applicable layout: 3*8, 6*8, etc. (customized according to customer requirements)




Equipment diagram and work station layout:

Auto Wire Embedding Machine  LDT-ATXZ-2600(图2)Auto Wire Embedding Machine  LDT-ATXZ-2600(图3)

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