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HF/LF Tag tester

LDT-5C HF / LF tag tester is the latest upgraded product based on LDT-5A / 8A electronic tag (RFID) tester developed by our company. It integrates the high-frequency and low-frequency testing functions of LDT-5A / 8A. At the same time, it increases the adjustment of output power to meet the needs of customers in testing tags under different output power.

Technical parameters

1.   Frequency sweep range:HF: 1MHz—30MHz / LF 50KHz—200KHz;

2.   Accuracy of signal source: ±1HZ

3.   Q range: 0—999;

4.   Measurement error of Q Value:±5%;

5.   Effective bandwidth test;

6.   LCD display:3.2 inch TFT;

7.   Feedback signal strength test: Resolution 0.1dbm ;

8.   Rf Output Power: 0dB / 10dB switching (high frequency test);

9.   Spectrum curve display;

10.  Real time storage of test data (up to 50 groups of data), export via USB;

11.  Minimum test label 4mm;

12.  Support small glass tube(size 1.3mm) Tag testing (Optional)

 HF/LF Tag tester(图1) HF-1

HF/LF Tag tester(图2)  HF-2

HF/LF Tag tester(图3)  HF-3

HF/LF Tag tester(图4)  HF-4 (5mm Tag)

HF/LF Tag tester(图5)  HF-5  EAS

HF/LF Tag tester(图6)  LF-1

HF/LF Tag tester(图7)  LF-2

HF/LF Tag tester(图8)  LF-3   58K Coil

HF/LF Tag tester(图9)  LF-4

HF/LF Tag tester(图10)  LF-5  Tag Size 1.3mm,  Support small glass tube 

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