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  • Three Wheel Tester
Three Wheel Tester Three Wheel Tester

Three Wheel Tester

Three Wheel Tester is the necessary tool for card manufactures and end-users. It is used for testing smart card’s modules embedding performance. The test can be programmed for different weights testing. The tester is very easy to operate and it will stop automatically once complete the test.

Three Wheel Tester(图1) 


1.         Hand operation, easy to use.


2.         Applying accurate mechanical system to make the test stably.


3.         Use the mechanical counter to set the test time, easy to control and operate.


Inside View

 Three Wheel Tester(图2)                               


1.         Set required test cycle, insert card into cardholder.  


2.         Press start button to start, counter will show number of cycles. Tester will stop after test complete.


3.         If need start another round, press power switch, re-input test cycle in counter, start tester and press start.


4.         Depending on need, tester head can be adjustable by knob.                                                                                      


5.         For working principal of the tester, please refer to GB/T 17554. 3-2006 or CQM requirement for Mastercard Purpose of three wheel testing is to check ICC mechanical reliability.







AC 220V,  50/60 Hz     

Rated Power



350×350×400 mm


50 KG

Card Size

ISOCR80/IEC7810 54×85.6mm