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Auto Express Envelope Sorting Machine (Eight Unit)

Auto Express Envelope Sorting Machine (Eight Unit)


According to the customer's functional requirements, We now designed this "Auto Express Envelope Sorting Machine".The main function of the equipment is to automatically sort the express envelope with the receiving label, identify the bar code on the receiving label, and automatically sort to each receiving box according to the bar code information.

 Auto Express Envelope Sorting Machine (Eight Unit)(图1)


1. The equipment is suitable for the automatic sorting process of express envelope . The equipment is fully automated, with high production efficiency and accurate sorting.

2. Main operation steps of the equipment:Put the material, automatic feeding, identification of bar code, sorting and receiving materials, eliminate.Servo motor drive synchronous belt to transmit express envelope.

3. The feeding adopts rotary suction design, stable structure, humanized design of feeding box, convenient for putting the material.

4. Adopt industrial grade high speed bar code recognizer, can identify common bar code, also can upgrade to camera recognition according to customer demand.

5. The grading system uses roller type, which is simple in structure and will not damage the express envelope.

6. The equipment has eight sets of collecting boxes, and the customer can set the sorting category freely according to the demand, and customize the corresponding quantity of sorting boxes according to the customer's demand.

7. The express envelope of which data unread or the read data is not  in the database will automatically entered into the eliminate box.

8. The whole control system is controlled by PC to ensure the stability and coordination of the whole machine running.The display interface is easy  to operate, real-time display of the current operation of the equipment and the receiving quantity of each sorting box.


Machine Spec:


Weight: 500 Kg

Power Source: AC220V 50/60 Hz  

Power: About 2KW             

Speed: About 5000 sheets/hour

Material Box Height: About 600mm

 Auto Express Envelope Sorting Machine (Eight Unit)(图2)

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