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DOD Printing Machine

DOD Printing Machine

This below system is used for smart card/RFID card manufacturer for cards’ DOD printing, magstripe encoding, labelling and contactless card encoding.

It will increase working efficiency and improve the capacity. It can do variable data magstripe encoding, contactless encoding and DOD printing. Apply the vision system to make sure the printing data is matched with the data in the database.

DOD Printing Machine(图1)


1   The system integrates DOD printing with magstripe encoding, contactless card encoding, labelling.  Which can apply the vision system to checking the printing data matched with the database or not.

2   The magstripe encoding system has writing and reading function, if not writing successful, after reading, the cards will be rejected.

3   The contactless encoding system can work for ISO 14443 Type A and Type B chips, it can also work for ISO 16593 chips.

4    Applying long-life and high accurate Japanese DOD printer’s nozzle to make sure fine printing quality

5    Applying the vision system to make sure the printing quality and accurate data matched.

6   Applying the Data Management Software to control the DOD printing, magnetic encoding, contactless encoding and vision system. To make sure the all the printing data in order and easy to adjust.

7   The flipper can be set to flip the cards and also no need to flip the cards.

8   The rejected cards will be sent to reject box. The software will record the rejected cards, so can remake all the rejected cards by next job later on.