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  • LDT-LMC-1000 Pull Tester
LDT-LMC-1000 Pull Tester

LDT-LMC-1000 Pull Tester

Pull Tester     LDT-LMC-1000  

1.The machine is applied to the pull test of antenna layer that have been welding.
2.With simple structure,easy to operate.The internal motor drives the gear and rack structure to drive the tension tester to move up and down.
3.The fixture design is convenient to adjust and install products .
4.The motor speed is adjustable,with high testing precision and easy to operate.

Machine Spec:
1.Power Supply: AC220V, 50HZ
2.Power: 40W
4.Wight: About 25KG
5.Resolving power:0.1N
6.Maximum test tension:200N