Coding Machine

Auto Inlay Sheet Coding Machine

Auto Inlay Sheet Coding Machine


Auto Inlay Sheet Coding Machine(图1)

Ø Realize the INLAY sheet surface coding automatically.

Ø Automatic feeding,correction, coding, collecting and operation.

Ø Using fiber laser coding technology, accurate, stable, good effect.

Ø PLC+ HMI control system to realize stable and easy operation.


This equipment is mainly used for INLAY automatic coding process in INLAY sheet production.Automatic feeding,correction, code,receiving and operationAdopting X and Y axis bidirectional positioning, fiber laser automatic code.The machine is accurate, high speed to get high yieldThis machine can be customized for other functions.  


Auto Inlay Sheet Coding Machine(图2)


1.The machine is controlled by PLC and HMI. Which make the machine easy to operation and adjust the parameters.

2.The equipment automatic feeding,correction, coding, collecting and operation.

3. Material feeding and distributing adopt material distributing sheet,to ensure stable feeding and avoid overlapping of multiple INLAY sheets.

4.The upper and lower structure of pre-feed is adopted to separate the INLAY material on the top of the feeding box in advance to improve the operation speed.

5. Feeding and receiving conveying are driven by the same conveying system with simple structure, fast speed and high efficiency.

6. X and Y bidirectional positioning technology is adopted for high positioning accuracy.

7. The equipment adopts fiber laser code, laser and the main part of the equipment automatic communicate and code.

8. Strong equipment compatibility, suitable for 3*8, 4*8, 5*5, 6*8 and other kinds of layout,  other special layout can be developed according to customer requirements.

9. The software has the function of counting and prompting. When the output reaches the set quantity, it will stop automatically and give an alarm.








2.Weight800 Kg

3.Power SourceAC220V  50/60 Hz                 

4.PowerAround 3.5KW

5.Air pressure6kgf/cm2                                

6.Control MethodPLC+HMI           

7.Position: Vision System                          

8.Speed1700 sheets/hour (The actual speed is determined by the coding content and time.)                

9.Layout3*84*85*56*8and so on)        

10.Coding accuracyAround 0.5mm

11.Operator: 1 Person