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China's smart card market is in a period of major change

China's IC card has entered a new stage of rapid development. By 2015, China will issue 800 million Social Security IC cards, and by 2020, China will have the largest mobile payment market in the world. China's smart card market is in a period of great change and development. ID card, bank card, social security card, health card, campus card, residence card, credit card, employee work card and various consumer membership cards representing different groups' identities are indispensable and closely related to most people's daily life, work, study, travel, medical treatment and social welfare Necessary documents, identification media and payment tools.

China's IC card has entered a new stage of rapid development, including the expected growth of IC card issuance in the next three years, and the social security project estimates that 800 million chip cards will be issued by 2015. China's bankcard market has grown significantly, with its annual compound growth rate far exceeding that of the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. China UnionPay's dominant market share in China and its vigorous global marketing efforts and achievements are enough to prove the strong development speed of China's market. With the rapid development of the gold card project informatization process of the Chinese government and the application of various kinds of public service projects for the benefit of the people, all of these will bring a leap forward development opportunity for the whole card industry and even the whole China's Internet of things industry.

The evolution of smart card technology and the demand of application market are inseparable. With the continuous development of gold card engineering construction, smart card has been widely used in banking, telecommunications, transportation, public security and other social fields, and has been rapid development. The deepening of smart card application and the evolution of technology complement each other. According to different kinds of smart card chips, smart card can be divided into three types: memory card, logic encryption card and CPU card. Because CPU card has higher security than logical encryption card and memory card, and it is easier to integrate multiple application functions together, most of the government led smart card applications currently use CPU card, such as city card, social security card, financial IC card, etc. According to the different forms of data transmission, smart cards can be divided into contact IC card, non-contact IC card and dual interface card. At present, many application areas have begun to use dual interface cards, such as financial IC card, city one card, resident health card, etc., so the proportion of dual interface cards in the overall market continues to rise. Most of the domestic smart card enterprises start from the phone card products, and timely cut into the application of telecom smart card, second-generation ID card, social security card, etc. through the accumulation and comprehensive improvement of early technology, they can realize the independent development of materials, chips, packages and independent algorithms, which has made great achievements in the market. in

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