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Research Report on China's industrial electrical industry

South Korea's Hanjin heavy industry recently announced that it has developed a shipbuilding marking robot (MRS) through cooperation with South Korea's TMS technicians, which can automatically weld different marks and letters on the shell.

It is reported that Hanjin heavy industry has reduced the current 5 work steps to 2, marking and welding through Mrs, which can improve the quality and output at the same time. MRS can carry out three-dimensional welding in vertical, horizontal and slope, and set voltage, current and speed freely during welding. In addition, Hanjin heavy industry has also developed the mrspg motion automatic generation program, which can easily convert design drawings to indicate various types of letters.

"We have quoted this kind of marking robot in several shipyards, which can speed up the work process and improve the quality," said an official of Hanjin heavy industry.

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